Equiss Whippets

We have owned whippets since 1998. We have been actively showing, running and breeding since 2005. We have selected for typey correct whippets. Please look around our site and see.
Bred to the Standard
Showing what we are running
Not only are we active in the show ring, we also lure course and straight race with CWA
With many different animals and people
Since we live on a little farm filled with Emus, pigs, chickens, cats, dog and people coming and going, the puppies experience everything
OFA Health Tested
OFA Health testing for healthier dogs
Our dogs are all OFA health tested per the American Whippet club guidelines
Lure coursing and racing

The most fun of things to do with your whippets! Win or lose, the dogs have a blast

Finished Champions

We strive to finish our dogs in the show ring. It is also a fun thing that we do together as a couple.

We have available boys
We currently have some perfect boys ready for their new homes
Application and Policies