CH Equiss Invisible Ink

Am/Intl Ch Sportingfields Instant Carma SC, FCh x UCh Equiss Sae Si Just Dessert SC, CR, OTR

Spex was our keeper puppy from our Bunny x Riley litter. Spex is the same easy going personality as Bunny. I was expecting several black puppies from this cross but instead I ended up with mostly white puppies. So hence the name Invisible Ink.



Pedigree of Equiss Invisible Ink

Equiss Invisible Ink

SportingField Instant Carma

Sporting Field’s Rock On

Wenrick’s Man About Town

Mimbres Zophisticate N Fld

Raybar’s Talladega Tara

Raybar’s Rochester

Raybar’s Runaway Bride

Equiss Just Dessert at SaeSi

Ampersand Locar Mariki Torque

Locar’s Ferrari

Ampersand City Lights

JBar’s First Noel V Kachina

Kachina’s Constant Comment

Kachina Winemall Miata

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